Historic Japan Adventure [Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Yakushima]

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[Self-Guided] 9 days

A fantastic opportunity to explore Japan’s past by visiting some of its most mystical and intriguing locations! 
The tour starts in the ancient capital of Kyoto and takes you through the ancient forest on the island of Yakushima, via Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Included in this tour:

☑ Return International Flight Tickets

☑ 2 nights in Kyoto Hotel (standard twin)

☑ 2 nights in Hiroshima Hotel (standard twin)

☑ 2 nights in Nagasaki Hotel (standard twin)

☑ 2 nights in Yakushima Ryokan (standard twin)

☑ All breakfasts, one lunch and two traditional dinners included

☑ Kyoto and Nara 1-day tour

☑ 7-day Ordinary JR Pass

Day 0Leave London Heathrow Airport
Day 1Arrive at Kansai International Airport. 
Activate your JR Pass and get the limited express train to Kyoto
Explore Kyoto at your leisure
Day 2Explore Japan’s two ancient capital cities, Kyoto and Nara, on a guided tour including lunch.Breakfast / Lunch
Day 3Travel to Hiroshima using your JR pass. 
Stay two nights in Hiroshima (twin room/breakfast included) 
Visit the ruins of Takeda castle on the way to Hiroshima. Referred to as the ‘Macchu Picchu’ of Japan, on cloudy autumn days the ruins resemble a castle floating in the sky and are easily reachable using the JR Pass.
Day 4Explore Hiroshima at your leisure.
Visit the A-bomb dome and accompanying Peace Memorial Museum Or use your JR pass to reach Miyajima Island, home of the floating shrine.
Day 5Travel to Nagasaki using your JR Pass.
Stay two nights in Nagasaki (twin room/breakfast included)
Visit Fukuoka on your way to Nagasaki.
Day 6Free day in Nagasaki
Visit ‘Gunkanjima’. An island the shape of a battle ship and filled with the ruins of a former coal mining community.
Day 7Travel to Yakushima
Use your JR Pass to reach Kagoshima. Spend some time in the city before riding the high speed boat to Yakushima, an island with an ancient forest. 
Stay two nights in Japanese style rooms Anbo (Yakushima) (twin room/breakfast and dinner included)
Day 8Hike through the ancient forest of Yakushima.
This mystical place is the inspiration for the magical forest in Studio Ghibli’s ‘Princess Mononoke.
You’re free to choose which hiking route you pick. Please be aware that hiking through Yakushima is not difficult but proper preparation is required.
Day 9After enjoying a traditional Japanese breakfast, make your way back to Kagoshima in time to catch your flight back to London.Breakfast

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