5 Spots in Kyoto You Can Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Light Up the Night

Only in spring can you enjoy the cherry blossoms. And only in Japan you can really experience the full effect of cherry blossoms.

Viewing cherry blossoms are a major part of Japanese culture, whether it’s with a picnic, a scenery during a walk, a landscape that go hand in hand with a World Heritage site or while soaking in the hot springs, or with just a beer!

We all think of cherry blossoms in the broad daylight, but have you ever seen one at night?

Cherry blossoms at night have the brightness to turn the dark of the night, into light. It truly is a magnificent scene.

cherry blossoms


Here are 5 spots in Kyoto, recommended for a night time cherry blossom view!

Sho-ren in

A Buddhist temple built in the late 13th century. During cherry blossom season, Sho-ren in temple lights up their garden and cherry blossoms trees, creating a mysterious yet beautiful scenery.

Duration: March 14th – 23rd, March 28th – April 6th, April 25th – May 6th

Hours: 6pm-9:30pm


Kiyomizu Temple

An independent Buddhist temple, that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enjoy the world famous sight accompanies by the beautiful night time cherry blossoms.

Duration: March 29th – April 13th

Hours: 6:30pm-9:30pm

cherry blossoms


Nijo Castle

A castle in Kyoto, consisting of two palaces, buildings and several gardens. The light up of cherry blossoms with lanterns along the path, and the festivals they host, are a true celebration of Japanese culture.

Duration: March 21st – April 13th

Hours: 6pm-9pm



A Buddhist temple of the Shingon sect. Enjoy the scenery of the classic temple design of a Japanese temple that rises high with many stories, with the light up of the cherry blossoms.

Duration: March 23rd – April 14th

Hours: 6pm-9pm



Maruyama Park

A park that is the main centre for cherry blossom viewing in Kyoto. The cherry blossoms at Maruyama Park are known for its distinct weeping style cherry trees, that light up at night.

Duration: Early March – Mid April

Hours: Sun down – 1am

maruyama park


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