The Power of Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji fish market is a large, famous fish wholesale market that attracts many people from around the world. Not only does the Tsukiji fish market is a major business for the fish industry, but the auction of various types of fish and the powerful atmosphere of the local market makes the Tsukiji fish market an exciting Tokyo experience.

The experience of Tsukiji is so exhilarating, that you don’t have to buy any fish or even like to eat fish!


There has been talk that the Tsukiji fish market was going to move location, but that plan has been stopped. The market will remain in Tsukiji, because of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The transaction that goes on in the Tsukiji fish market is top in Japan, and probably the world. Fresh fish from all over Japan is carried into the Tsukiji market and distributed to shops, restaurants, and many businesses.




Originally during the Edo period, the location of the Tsukiji fish market was used for the navy’s ministry and schools. However, in 1923, due to the Great Kanto Earthquake, Tsukiji was burnt down. When the country was back to reconstructing the area, the local Tsukiji fish market was made. The market remained low key during World War II, but became very active after the war till this day.


The day starts very early in Tsukiji. From 5am, the bidding for tuna begins, and from 6:30am, fruits and vegetables. Those who wish to observe the auction, can line up from 4:30am, first come first served. If you wish to just freely look around, it is recommended to go around 10am-1pm. Many stores close after noon, and in early mornings till 9am, the men are very busy with preparation.

In the Tsukiji fish market, there in a inner area and outer market.

In the inner market, the auction and transport of goods takes place. This is where the work is going on, and a more local atmosphere with a relative amount of luxurious restaurants where high end customers line up in the midst of all the busy transport trucks.

In the outer market, there are lively fish shops and restaurants packed in a small district. You will be able to see all of the outer market in about 30 minutes.





This is the reason why Tsukiji fish market attracts many people:

The fish is fresh -eat, buy, view!tsukiji


You can see the dismantling of fish -and get a tasting


You can watch a very exhilarating tuna auction



We hope you enjoy your visit to the exciting Tsukiji fish market! It doesn’t take a whole day away to visit Tsukiji, so it’s a perfect morning activity!

Please note that Wednesdays are usually closed.

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