JR Pass…Green Car or Ordinary Car Seats?

When you get your Japan Rail Pass, you have two choices…

The JAPAN RAIL PASS (JR Pass) is a special ticket that is available only to travellers visiting Japan from foreign countries for sight-seeing. The Japan Rail Pass gives tourists unlimited travel on all JR trains across Japan, including the Shinkansen Bullet Trains, which is an experience in itself! If you are travelling to Japan and looking to explore the entire country freely, the Japan Rail Pass is renowned to be the best choice.

Kyushu bullet train


So, the shinkansen bullet trains are equipped with Ordinary seats and Green car seats.

We want to enlighten you with the difference between Ordinary seats and Green car seats, so you can make the right choice for your Japan trip!


1.  Space

The first thing you may notice in the Green Car seats are that there is much more space! With the Green Car, you can extend your feet out comfortably, and the width of the seats are noticeably bigger. Some Green Car seats have foot rest, a lamp, a plug, and even seat heaters!

Green Car seats
Green Car seats


Ordinary seat
Ordinary Seats

2. Wet towels

In a Green Car, you can get wet towels! These are proper, 100% cotton towels that can be reused. Isn’t this a little bit of comfort especially during travels? They say that the quality of these towels are so good that many people, including celebrities take them home to keep using 😀  The service in the Green Car seats are generally an upgrade.


3. Less crowded

The Green Car seats are always relaxed, even during rush hour, or busy seasons. During national holidays like Golden Week, Obon, Year End, New Years, the shinkansen bullet trains can get very very crowded. Especially while travelling with your large suitcases, it can be a good choice to choose Green Car seats where it is always quiet.

Green Car seats

4. You can read a book or get some work done

Because the Green Car is so quiet, it is easier to read a book, sleep, listen to music, or get some work done. The Ordinary seats are often crowded, with little kids, salarymen, and kids on school trips, therefore it can get quite loud. If you seek a more relaxed travel, the Green Car seats are the way to go.

5. You may meet a celebrity!

If you are into Japanese celebrities, the Green Car is a place you might meet them 😀 Many celebrities prefer bullet trains to flying, and especially in the Green Car seats, they can really relax and travel luxuriously. Therefore, that could be something to look forward too!



Yes, the Green Car seats cost a little more than Ordinary Car seat.

But riding the Green Car seats is an experience itself, where you can enjoy the world renowned Japanese hospitality.



If you are interested in purchasing a Japan Rail Pass,  please click here!







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