Why Everybody Loves Fushimi Sake

Fushimi, in Kyoto is a sake-town!

Sake is Japanese alcohol that is made by fermenting rice and polished. The drink is so smooth, and hardly leaves a harsh after taste like many other hard liquors. If you never tried sake before,  it is a must try.


The history behind Fushimi and sake is very old. It is thought that that sake derived during the rice agriculture days of the Yayoi era, and while using the malt, the creation of sake developed. During the Azuchi Momoyama era, sake making progressed. Toyotomi Hideyoshi built the Fushimi Castle, and created the top castle town of Japan. It was during this time that Fushimi became known for its’ sake. During the Edo period, the Fushimi sake went through some difficulties due to rivalries and that transporting to Edo was too far. However, once the economy stabilised and transportation improved during the Meiji period, the Fushimi sake became well-known throughout Japan. Even today, 24 of those breweries still stand. That’s why we visit Fushimi!

Fushimi Inari Shrine
Sake brewry
Sake brewery

One important element in sake making is water. The finest water must be used to create the finest sake. 80% of sake is water, so the flavour of sake really becomes dependant on the quality of water. Fushimi, was always known for its’ good water, being called “Fushi mizu” -mizu meaning water. The Fushi mizu is even mentioned in myths, describing how delicious it is. The water in Fushimi is rich in potassium and calcium.



With all the beautiful shrines, temples, and world heritage sites in Kyoto, there is much much more culture to be experienced in Kyoto. These are the reasons why many people come to Kyoto, and Fushimi. There are many sake bars scattered in a district in Fushimi.

Take a whole day to wander through the city of Kyoto, and finish your day relaxing in a local bar drinking sake and good Japanese cuisine. 🙂

Maiko and sake cask
Maiko and sake cask


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