The World Renowned Cherry Blossom Season is Near!

Every year, more and more people around the world visit Japan to see the cherry blossoms. Spring in Japan is a great time to visit, especially because the cherry blossoms or “sakura” lights up the whole country.


Imagine cherry blossoms & Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms & hot springs, cherry blossoms & good Japanese food, cherry blossoms & castles, cherry blossoms & beer?

Cherry blossom season can spice up your Japan trip in every way!

There are so many places in Japan that are great for cherry blossom viewing, so here are a list of recommended areas you can go depending on where you are!

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
Peak: Last week of March ~ mid April

Ueno Park (free)
Shinjuku Gyoen (200yen)
Inogashira Park (free)
Chidorigafuchi Koen (free)
Koshikawa Botanical Garden (400yen)
Sumida River (free)
Hama Rikyu Garden (300yen)
Yoyogi Park (free)
Asukayama Park (free)
Happo-en Garden (free)

Chidorigafuchi Koen
Shinjuku Gyoen

Kyoto Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
Peak: Last week of March ~ mid April

Philosopher’s Path (free)
Maruyama Park (free)
Okazaki Canal (free)
Heian Shrine (600yen)
Arashiyama (free)
Nijo Castle (600yen)
Daigoji Temple (600yen)
Kyoto Botanical Garden (200yen)
Ninnaji Temple (500yen)
Kiyomizudera (400yen)
Hirano Shrine (free)
Kamogawa (free)
Haranai-en Garden (1200yen-weekdays, 1500yen-weekends)
Keage Incline (free)

Ninnanji Temple


Osaka Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
Peak: Early April ~ mid April

Osaka Castle (200yen day time, 350yen evening illumination)
Kema Sakuranomiya Park (free)
Osaka Mint Bureau (free)
Expo 70 Commemorative Park (250yen)
Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park (free)

Osaka Castle


Fukuoka Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
Peak: Early April ~ mid April

Fukuoka Castle (free)
Nishi Park (free)
Atago Shrine (free)
Uminonakamichi Seaside Park (410yen)
Daizaifu Tenmangu Shrine (free)



Nagano Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
Peak: Early April ~ mid April

Takato Castle Park (500yen)
Komoro Kaikoen (500yen)
Garyu Koen (free)
Ueda Castle (250yen)
Matsumoto Castle (610yen)
Kozenji Temple (500yen)
Koboyama Kouen (free)

Takato Castle Park
Garyu Koen


Nara Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
Peak: Early April

Nara Park (free)
Koriyama Castle (free)
Heijo Palace (free)
Wakakusayama (150yen)
Mount Yoshino (free)

Mount Yoshino
Mount Yoshino
Nara Park

If you don’t see an area near you, please feel free to ask us! We can find the best cherry blossom viewing locations that best fits your itinerary.
A long with the peaceful scenery created by the beautiful cherry blossoms, the cherry blossom also gives rise to a completely different culture in Japan as well, called the “hanami”.

Hanami, or “flower viewing”, is the custom that arises during the cherry blossom season, where Japanese people place matts on the ground, and sit and watch the cherry blossoms. Though it sounds like a peaceful picnic at first, this custom gradually tends to become a wild party scene! Often times, during a hanami, a lot of alcohol is consumed and people can get quite wild. These are cases that happen if people are drinking from day to night, and yet, it’s still totally safe just like anywhere else in Japan. We definitely recommend everyone to become one with Japanese culture, and get some blue matts, beer, sake, lunch, snacks, and try hanami!

Hanami in Shinjuku Gyoen


Hanami in Ueno

You may think cherry blossom viewing can only be done in the daytime, but no. Cherry blossoms at night bring a different sense of calm and beauty. The cherry blossoms light up the night, that it feels bright. The scenery is so beautiful, that that is why some of the best cherry blossom viewing spots (especially with castles) charge extra for admission in the evening. But cherry blossoms at night is definitely a MUST SEE experience.

Kiyomizudera -Kyoto


So now you should be ready for the cherry blossom season of 2017! This is one of the BEST times to travel to Japan, so we really recommend you to start planning now.

Enjoy 🙂






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